Great Works

O God, as ever from there keep watch on us here, Never letting to Your hand!
You are the Greatest Captain of the mighty steamship On the ocean of change and becoming is Your foot. Counting all here, one by one, When all things touched are done with, Then the seeing eye(alone) remains. So let the inner self in You attain its rest

Food, clothes, and all else we need You give us unceasingly. Ever saving us, seeing us well provided. Such a one, You, are for us our only Chief.

As ocean, wave, wind and depth Let us within see the scheme Of us, escience,
You glory and You.

You are the creation, the Creator, And the magical variety of created things,
Are You not, O God, Even the substance of creation too.

You are Maya, The Agent thereof and its Enjoyer too; You are that Good one also who removes Maya too To grant Unitive state!

You are the Existent, the Subsistent and the Supreme You are the Present and the Past, And the Future is none else but you.
Even the spoken work, when we consider it, is but You alone.

Your state of glory that fills
Both inside and outside
We for ever praise!
Victory be, O God, to you!

Victory to you! Great and Radiant One!
Ever intent upon saving the needy!
Victory to You, percetptual abode of happiness,
Ocean of Mercy, Victory to You!

In the ocean of your glory
Of great profundity,
Let us all, together, become immersed
To dwell therein everlastingly Happiness!


Janani Nava Ratna Manjari From that unitive mind-stuff, all encompassing,
a thousand tri-basic rays (of knowledge-knower-known) come and; to and anon, self-consciousness gone, There awakened love of food and such;
Fallen thus into the ocean of need and lost altogether, Say when, Oh Mother, shall my inner being regain that path of hope To be merged within the domain of pure word import, bereft of all tri-basic prejudice And, within the core of the radiance outspread of reason pure, Reabsorbed in communion Cool, ever remain.

This variegated display by maya wrought--
Itself nothing is no other than awareness pure;
Air, stone, sea or fire, and the void too,
Are all but prime awareness alone!
The rightness of such a view, if one should praise,
No scriptural confusion can come;
Rival claims of action shall not vie;
Such goodly gain would suffice itself alone;
O Mother of the wisdom that all seek, easy and exalting at once.

Knowledge that comes but to go again
Has come from times of yore; on each vision such
The limbs and the inner self are swayed:
Filled with varied import and darkened by each,
Contracting, all within the Great Unknown is reabsorbed again!
Even seeing thus, again, and again Wisdom comes not:
The learned man of good deeds is but a bee
Fallen into the lotus core, drinking there the nectar
Of the unlimited experience of bliss supreme.


Jati Mimamsa: A critique of caste
Man’s humanity marks out the human kind
Even as bovinity proclaims a cow.
Brahminhood and such are not thus-wise;
None do see this truth, alas!

One of caste, one of relegion and one in God is man;
Of one womb, of one form; difference therein none.

Within a species, is it not, that offspring truly breed?
The society of man thus viewed, to a single caste belongs.

Of the human species is even a Brahman born, as is the Pariah too,
Where is difference then in caste as between man and man?

In bygone days of a Pariah woman the great sage Parasara was born,
As even he of Vedic aphorism fame of a virgin of the fisher-fold.


Jeeva Karunya Panchakam

All are of one Self-fraternity.
Such being the dictum to avow,
In such a light how can we take life,
And devoid of least pity go on to eat?

The non-killing vow is great indeed,
And, greater still, non-eating to observe;
All in all. should we not say, Oh men of righteousness,
Even to this amounts the essence of all religions?

If killing were applied to oneself,
Who, as a favour, would treat such a dire destiny?
As touching all in equality, Oh ye wise ones,
Should that not be our declaration for a regulated life?

No killer would there be if no other to eat there was
Perforce, himself must eat!
In eating thus abides the cruder ill than in killing
In that it killing makes.

Not killing makes a human good -
Else an animal's equal he becomes.
No refuge has the taker of life,
Although to him all other goods accrue.
nukampa Desakam Such Mercy that even to an ant Would brook not the least harm to befall, O Mercy-Maker do vouchsafe with contemplation Which from Thy pure Presence never strays.

Grace yields blessedness; a heart Love-empty Disaster spells of every kind.
Darkness as Love's eftacer and as suffering's core, Is seed to everything.

Grace, Love, Mercy--all the three-- Stand for one same reality--Life's Star. "He who loves is he who really lives." Do learn These syllables nine by heart, in place of lettered charm. Without the gift of Grace, a mere body Of bone and skin and tissue foul is man Like water lost in desert sand, Like a flower bereft of smell and fruit.

Those phases six that life do overtake Invade not wisdom's pure domain;
Likewise the Mercy quality, when human form has gone. As good reputation's form endures.

That Dispenser of Mercy, could He not be that reality Who, proclaiming words of supreme import,the chariot drives, Or compassion's ocean, ever impatient for all creation, Or who in terms clear non-dual wisdom expounds, the Guru?

In human semblance here, He is a divinity, Or perhaps the law of right in sacred human form? Is He the pure begotten Sen of the Lord Most High?
Or the kindly Prophet Nebi, pearl and gem in one?

Is He that soul personified who with holy ashes once Fever drove away and many wonders worked? Or yet that other of psychic power who wandering in agony.

Allayed His ventral distrees even with song? Else is He that Sage of crowning fame who uttered once again That holy script already known and writ in Hera's name? Or He devoted to the Value of the Lord Supreme Who here departed bodily ere life for him was stilled?

Dealing bounty here on earth and taking human form Is He that Kama-Dhenu cow of all-providing good? Or perhaps that wonder-tree of heaven supreme,
The Deva-Taru, which to each its gifts bestows?