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Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:19 am
by gopu
Translated from the Sanskrit


1."asidagre sadevedam bhuvanam svapnavat punah
sasarja sarvam sankalpamatrena paramesvarah"

In the beginning, there was
Non-existence indeed!
Dream-wise then again, by mere willing
Everything existent created He, the Lord supreme.

AGRE, in the beginning (before creation),
IDAM BHUVANAM, this world,
ASAD EVA, even as nothingness ( as non-existence, indeed),
ASID, existed,
PUNAH, thereafter (at the time of creation),
PARAMESVARAH, the supreme lord,
SARVAM, everything,
SANKALPAMATRENA, by mere willing,
SVAPNAVAT, like a dream,
SA-SARJA, (he) created.

Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:22 am
by gopu
2. "vasanamayamevada vasididamatha prabhuh
asrjanmayaya svasya mayavivakhilam jagat"

In the beginning, in the form of incipient memory factors,
(All) this remained. Then the Lord,
By his own power of false presentiment, like a magician,
Created all this world (of change).

ADAU, in the beginning (at inception, before creation),
IDAM, this (visible world),
VASANAMAYAM EVA, in the form of incipient memory factors,
(i.e. as Samskaras, deep aperceptive masses in consciousness),
ASID, (remained) existent,
ATHA, thereafter (at the time of creation),
PRABHUH, the lord,
SVASYA, (by) his own
MAYAYA, by (his power of) false presentiment,
MAYAVIVA, like a magician,
AKHILAM JAGAT, the whole world,
ASRIJAT, created.

Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:28 am
by gopu
3. "pragutpatteridam svasmin vilinamatha vai svatah
bijadankuravat svaysa saktireva'srjatsvayam"

This (world) before creation was
Latent within Himself.
Thereafter, like a sprout from seed,
From Himself, by His power, by itself it was created.

IDAM, this (world),
PRAKUTPATTEH, before creation,
SVASMIN, in Himself (in the self, in the lord),
VILINAM, was latent,
ATHA VAI, thereafter,
BIJAD ANKURAVAT, like sprout from seed,
SVATAH, from himself (from the lord),
SVASYA SAKTIH, his power,
SVATAH EVA, by itself,
ASRJAT, created

Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:54 am
by gopu
4. "saktistu dvividha jneya taijasi tamasiti ca
sahavaso'nayornasti tejastimirayoriva "

The power, however, as of two kinds
Is to be known, as the bright and the dark;
There is no co-existence between these two,
As with light and darkness.

SAKTIS TU, this power, however,
TAIJASI TAMAS ITI CA, and thus made of light and darkness,
DVIVIDHA, two kinds,
JNEYA, is to be known,
ANAYOH, as between these,
TEJASTI MIRAYOR IVA, so with light and darkness,
SAHAVASAH STI, there is no co-existence.

Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:57 am
by gopu
5. manomatramidam citramivagre sarvamidrsam
prapayamasa vaicitryam bhagavan citrakaravat

In the beginning, this world,
Which was in the form of mind stuff, like a picture
Achieved with all this picturesque variety,
Like an artist, the Lord.

AGRE, in the beginning (before creation),
MANO MATRAM, in the form of mind-stuff
(as made of mere mind-stuff),
IDAM, this (world),
CITRAM IVA, like a picture,
SARVAM IDRISAM,all this as such here,
VAICITRIYAM,(with its picturesque variety),
PRAPAYAMASA, achieved,
CITRAKARAVAT, like an artist,
BHAGAVAN, the lord.

Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:58 am
by gopu
6. asit prakrtirevedam yatha'dau yogavaibhavah
vyatanodatha yogivasiddhijalam jagatpatih

Potentially, what even as Nature remained
Like the psychic powers of Yoga-
Like a Yogi did He, the Lord of the world, work out
His varied psychic powers thereafter.

ADAU, in the beginning,
YATHA YOGAVAI BHAVAHA, as (in the case of) psychic powers,
IDAM, this (world),
PRAKRTIR EVA, as nature(itself),
ASIT, remained,
ATHA, thereafter,
YOGI SIDDHI JALAMIVA, as a yogi with his varied psychic powers,
JAGAT PATIH,the lord of the world,
IDAM, this (world),
VYATANOD, worked out.

Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:59 am
by gopu
7. yada'tmavidyasamkocastada'vidya bhayankaram
namarupatmana'tyartham vibhatiha pisacavat

When Self-knowledge shrinks,
Then prevails nescience fearful;
Ghost-like, taking name and form,
In most terrible fashion looms here.

YADA, when,
ATMA VIDYA SAMKOCAH (BHAVATI), knowledge about the self shrinks,
TADA, then,
AVIDYA, nescience,
NAMA RUPA ATMANA, taking name and form,
PISACAVAT, ghost-like,
ATYARTHAM BHAYANKARAM, in most terrible fashion,
IHA, here,
VIBHATI, looms

Re: Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:10 pm
by gopu
8. bhayankaramidam sunyam vetalanagaram yatha
tathaiva visvamakhilam vyakarodadbhutam vibhuh

Terrible and empty of content
Like a city infernal,
Even as such a marvel
Did the Lord make the whole universe.

IDAM, this (visible world),
VETALA NAGARAM YATHA, like an infernal city,
BHAYANKAR IDAM SUNYAM (CA BHAVATI), terrible and empty of content both (remain),
VIBHUH, the lord,
AKHILAMVISVAM, the whole universe,
TATHA IVA, even as such,
ADBHUTAM, a marvel,

Re: Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:11 pm
by gopu
9. arkadyathakramam visvam tatha naivedamatmanah
supteriva pradurasidyugapatsvasya viksaya

If from a sun in graded succession
This world came, such was not the case at all.
Presented as if out of slumber,
At one stroke, all came to be.

IDAM VISVAM, this world,
ARKAD, from the sun,
YATHA KRAMAM, as in a gradual manner,
PRADURASID (ITI CET), it is unmanifested (if it should be said),
TATHA NA IVA,thus not at all,
IDAM, this (world),
ATMANAH, from the self,
SVASYA, (by) its own,
VIKSHAYA, regard (i.e. will),
SUPTEH IVA, as if from sleep,
YUGAPAD, at one stroke,
PRADURASID, all came to be

Re: Darsana Mala :- ADHYAROPA-DARSANAM-1 (Sanskrit)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 12:12 pm
by gopu
10. dhanadiva vato yasmat pradurasididam jagat
sa brahma sa sivo visnuh sa parah sarva eva sah

He from whom, like a fig tree as from seed
Came out this world manifested -
He is Brahma, He is Siva and Vishnu,
He is the Ultimate, everything is He indeed.

DHANAT, from a seed,
VATAH IVA, like a fig tree,
YASMAT, from whom,
IDAM JAGAT, this world,
PRADURASID, manifested,
SAH BRAHMA, he is brahma,
SAH VISNU, he is visnu,
SAH SIVA, he is siva,
SAH PARAH, he is the ultimate,
SAH EVA SARVAH, everything is he indeed

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