Universal Prayer

Universal Prayer

Postby remyarkrishnan » Sun Oct 21, 2012 9:49 pm

Universal Prayer In Ten Verses
Ho Lord give us protection
By thy hands of full action
To pass the life that great ocean
Ships is Thy feet in motion
Caption thou art in that ship
We are always in worship
(Ho Lord...)
Counting one by one at last
Nothing left and eyes at rest
So my mind on Thou always
Must be shakeless full of peace
(Ho Lord...)
Giving food and cloth always
Make us Thou with full of grace
Only Thou in all the world
Protector for us and Lord
(Ho Lord...)
As sea depth wave and wind always
Ho Lord with Thy full of grace
We and Thou that illusion
Must be in me by devotion
(Ho Lord...)
Thou art creation Ho my Lord
Thou art creator of all world
Thou art like wise all creatures
To make them thou art full matters
(Ho Lord...)
Really Thou art illusion
Maker enjoyer of illusion
Removing all of illusion
Giving us Thou Salvation
(Ho Lord...)
Thou art Ho Lord truthfulness
Knowledge and full happiness
Present past and future Thou
Speaking language also Thou
(Ho Lord...)
In and out Ho Lord Thy Place
That is always full of grace
We are praising that at best
And Thy victory be greatest
(Ho Lord...)
God of Gods thy victory gracefull
Eager to save of sorrowfull
Enjoyer wisdom of divinity
Ocean of mercy ho mighty
(Ho Lord...)
We must sink in sweetest
We must live in deepest
Ocean of thy Grace
We must live in peace
We must live in peace
We must live in peace
ust live in peace
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Re: Universal Prayer

Postby gopu » Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:24 pm

Thanks Remya for the valuable information.

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"ഇല്ല ജാതിയിലൊന്നുണ്ടോ, വല്ലതും ഭേദമോര്‍ക്കുകില്‍, ചൊല്ലേറും വ്യക്തിഭാഗത്തി-, ലല്ലോ ഭേദമിരുന്നിടൂ."
--------- ശ്രീനാരായണഗുരു---------

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