This Model Foundation by C V Sivaprakashan

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This Model Foundation by C V Sivaprakashan

Postby gopu » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:52 pm

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Amongst awakened expectations,

And aspirations, given to its expressions,

By those decoration lamps shimmering

Fervently with glisten,

Along in rows and around in circles,

Showering their blaze,

Upon the unblemished anticipation of the dispossessed,

He set off down into seclusion.

The devotional tune soothed out,

Amiably into the quietude.

While, aspirations , censored over centuries

Vibrantly stood up, waiting excitedly

For the dawn of the sacred occasion,

He went further deep into the inner excavations of his solitude.

It appeared as though the sanctified situation on its own

Was approaching and submitting itself

For a sacred renaissance.

Exactly at midnight, he stood up,

Took a divine dip in cool waters

And came up with the “new born” in those divine hands.

It was Lord Shiva in resurrection,

Heading to the silent prayers of the soul, humble most.

There he stood with his eyes closed for hours together.

With tears tumbling down incessantly.

Those tearful tributes were towards the Lord

Who took the resurrection

Only to embarase the dispossessed.

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