Sorrow, So Serene! - By C V Sivaprakashan

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Sorrow, So Serene! - By C V Sivaprakashan

Postby gopu » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:47 pm

This is wrote by Sir C V Sivaprakashan

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Traditional greetings over , disciples enthusiastic ,

The seer so humble, yet truly resourceful,

To sit down in person to discuss and disclose,

With Philosopher and poet renowned all over.

Humanity stood put in fervent expectation,

While the clairvoyant who figured out self absolute,

And then transfigured the social order,

Sat at discourse with the poetic philosopher.

Amalgamation of truth and imagination !

Expectation of incredible evolution and fruition !

Cohorts in euphoria of supreme unification,

While the saint sat as one with the poet.

Transcendent tranquility endured along.

Poet severed the silence sublime.

Truly did you transform the masses,

Exertion so great is extended on the earth!

Neither could we do a morsel,

Nor have we done a morsel.

Silence sublime accrued yet again,

And a candid sorrow bounded the vista.

Profound marine of serene sorrow,

Persevered upon the modest sage.

Prophet yet another to emerge on earth,

To search the soul of the sorrow serene!

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